Date : 11th March 2004 (Thursday)      Time : 9.15 am 1.00pm
Venue : Bukit Banang Golf and Country Club, Batu Pahat, Johor
: MKMA, Groz-Beckert Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Topics : 
        Introduction to the history, facts & product range of Groz-Beckert 
Developments in Needle Technology
Latest Knitting Needle Technical Information
Advantages of GB-Technology
Knitting Problems, Applications and Solutions
Questions & Discussion Session

Speaker : Mr. Roland Simmendinger
         36 years old. Graduated in the field of Textile Technology.
1992-1999 Manager of fabric development and production division
      (flat- and circular knitting machines) in a German knitting mill 
Since July 1999 joined the Technical Department of Groz-Beckert
    Responsible technician for North, East, Southeast Europe and North Africa.
Since April 2003 Manager of Technical Application Service (Knitting Machine Parts) 
responsible for the Asian markets


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