Workshop On
Textile Preparation and Pretreatment Technology

Date : 12th May 2004 (Wednesday)      Time : 9.00 am 5.00pm
Venue : MKMA Training Room, MKMA, Batu Pahat, Johor.

  Speaker:  Mr. Yong Kok Swee       

Greige fabric as it comes from the manufacturing machine may or may not be ready for its end use function. If fabrics are to be dyed, printed, coated, and finished, it is usually necessary to remove the warp size and other impurities, which may interfere with dyeing, printing of prevent proper adhesion of coating or finishing.

1. Objectives
          -  Understand the requirement of the textile preparatory treatments processes and
              technology before the materials can be dyed, printed, and finished.
          -  Learn the different approaches embodies in the textile pre-treatments processes 
             and technology function of chemicals and auxiliaries used in the treatments.
          -  Develop skills to carry out and process quality control in the treatment processes 
             and test methods which are used to test the pre-treated materials.
          -  Stay in control during the pre-treatment process by mean of
                    a) Control of the preparatory and pre-treatment products, correctly "perform" 
                        quality for which the textile item is being made.
                    b) Control of the raw materials quality, chemicals and auxiliaries being use in 
                        the treatment processes.
                    c) Process control of pre-treatment, that is the materials are correctly "perform"
                        in the manner for which it was design.
                    d) Analytical information, to ascertain that the goods being inputted into process 
                        is test under conditions that will insure that a quality product is produced.
          -  Learn how to manage and evaluate pre-treatment processes to continually improve 
              the quality management system.

2. Course Content
The course will be divided into three sessions.
     2.1.      Preparation: Sizing and desizing
     2.1.1.                   Introduction to preparation
     2.1.2.                   Impurities in textile materials
     2.1.3.                   Yarn and fabric preparation technology: sizing
     2.1.4.                   Mechanical pre-treatment process
     2.1.5.                   Desizing technology
     2.2.      Pre-treatment: scouring
     2.2.1.                   Characteristic of auziliaries used for pre-treatment
     2.2.2.                   Chemistry and properties of surfactants
     2.2.3                    Classification of surfactants
     2.2.4.                   The general properties of surfactants
     2.2.5.                   Chemistry and properties of sequestering agents
     2.2.6.                   Technical requirement of scouring
     2.2.7.                   Characteristics of surfactant for wet processing
     2.2.8.                   Scouring processes and technology
     2.3.      Pre-treatment: Bleaching and mercerising
     2.3.1.                   Introduction to bleaching
     2.3.2.                   Bleaching mechanism and bleaching agents
     2.3.3.                   Chemistry and technology of bleaching agents
     2.3.4.                   Application of surfactant in the bleaching stage
     2.3.5.                   Test for the degree of bleaching
     2.3.6.                   Chemistry and technology of mercerising
     2.3.7.                   Application of surfactant for mercerising
     2.3.8.                   Test for mercerisation


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