Workshop on
Textile Process Operation and Production Management

Date :18 August 2004 (Wednesday)        Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Vanue : MKMA Training Room, MKMA, Batu Pahat, Johor.

Mr. Yong Kok Swee     


The Textile process operation and production management is concerned with the design and operational of textile production systems, hence the scope and nature of the textile production operational personnel’s job is influence primarily by the nature of the production systems.  The objective of this course will discuss on the organization and control of the textile production function, or more specifically, will discuss base on the decision-making, necessary to ensure the textile finished products are made in accordance with the requite quality standard in the requite quartiles, at the requisite time and at minimum cost.

Course Contents:

  1. The development trend of textile process operation.
  2. The development of Malaysia Textile process operation and production management.
  3. The structure and requisition of Textile process operation.
  4. The production specificity and main objective of textile production.
  5. The process operation and management in textile production.
  6. The production control of textile operation, i.e. the sequencing of jobs, processing of jobs, and the updating and correction of production schedules.
  7. The production planning of textile operation, i.e. demand forecasting, materials ordering, production scheduling, workforce balancing and machine loading and the measurement of production.
  8. The technology and products in textile production - the design of production process to facilitate production.
  9. The maintenance and replacement management in textile production, i.e. the repair, preventive maintain and replacement of item of production of equipment.
  10. The work study of textile process, an activity which is also conducted during production.  i.e. the design processing procedure, method and machinery, the establishment of time standard.
  11. The stock control of textile raw materials, i.e. stock ordering, stock keeping and stock handling.
  12. The Energy-saving management in textile production, i.e. the management of electricity, water, steam and fuel.
  13. The energy management in textile management.
  14. The quality management and assurance in textile production.
  15. The computer management system in textile production.    

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