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On 21 May (Friday) 9.00 am – 12.00pm / 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm
@  Plum Blossom, Garden Hotel, Batu Pahat, Johor

About V-Stitcher

Waiting too long for a sample?  Want a sample immediately?  V-Stitcher, powered by a 3D technology enable you to make virtual garments (with real simulation of fabric characteristics) for a true-to-life fitting session (the body can be easily developed to cater to your client’s requirements), thus allowing evaluation from design, technical & merchandising perspective before proceeding for production.  V-Stitcher’s clients include Addidas, NIKE, Benetton, Desmonds and Beach Patrol. 

V-Stitcher doesn’t require you to change the way you are working today.  It’s an easy plug & use software which was created with the current flow of the apparel industry. 

V-Stitcher allows you to make new designs on already proven patterns.  V-Stitcher interface with standard industry cad cam so there is no need to start pattern from scratch. 

These capabilities allow you to : 

      -          Reduce product development cycle
Reduce errors of inaccurate samples
Reduce liabilities from design/merchandising “guesses”
Increase design offerings to give merchandisers more options to sell from.
Improves decision making & communications with vendors, designers, 
      buying offices, & merchandisers, which will result in fewer & better quality samples

Envision True-to-Life Garment Modeling

Cutting costs and shortening design cycle time
V-Stitcher from Browzwear is revolutionizing the way fashions are designed. Driven by one of the most powerful proprietary 3D real-time engines, V-Stitcher offers industry players breakthrough, true-to-life garment modeling. The results: reduced time-to-market and improved quality which translate into enhanced revenue streams.  


exceptioally detailed, true-to-life representation of a personalized human body and picture perfect display of garments in 3d real time. 

Enabling remote viewing through Internet platform
V-Stitcher, a born-for-the-Web application, ensures 3D representation of garment in real–time, at any remote location. What’s more, online design enables immediate feedback from clients 


Entry of fabric characteristics results in virtual draping behavior genuinely simulating reality. Draping simulation is based on advanced mathematical and physical algorithms implemented in real time.  

Transforming standard 2D patterns into 3D garments
Automatic 3D garment design based on output of all industry standard CAD systems. User-friendly interface enables a rich 3D representation of garments with multi-size grading over virtual body. 

Inherent CAD capabilities such as moving and dragging points and curves enable modification of 2D pattern with immediate 3D results.

Displaying Picture Perfect Textures
Unique texture mapping capabilities for photo-like representation of fabric, stitches. prints and any other attachments  

Integrated Database
Integrated Style and global size database stores information such as styles, CAD, textures, fabrics, attachments and sizes.

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