Foreign Workers Induction Course


1.1 The policy on the employment of foreign workers (FWs)was implemented by the government in 1992 to overcome the problem of labour shortage faced by employers. Since then thousands of FWs have been coming to work in this country. Today more than 1.3 million FWs are employed in various sectors.

1.2 While the employment of FWs has contributed positively towards economic growth, it has also led to the emergence of various socio-economic, security and labour problems that Malaysia has to grapple with. The attitude and behaviour of some, if not many of the foreign workers have had a telling impact on the prevailing peaceful and harmonious social and labour relations situation in the country. Among the factors identified as contributing to the problems are lack of basic command of local languages, awareness about local culture, customs and practices, and understanding of basic rules and regulations of employment amongst the FWs.

1.3 To address these problems, the Government of Malaysia has decided that every FW intending to work in Malaysia must undergo an induction course and obtain a certificate of eligibility (CE) issued by the MLVK as a precondition for issuance of employment visa by the Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM) to work in this country.


       a.             Workplace Communication in English / Malay;

       b.             Introduction to Malaysian customs, culture and social practices; and

       c.             Awareness on the relevant laws, rules and regulations under existing labour laws.


                      Date                                   Venue                                

            11-12 December 2004                Caford Apparels Sdn. Bhd.

18-19 December 2004                MKMA Seminar Hall

25-26 December 2004                Bin Bin Knitwear Manufacturer S/B     

05-06 January 2005                    Caretex Apparels Sdn. Bhd.

08-09 January 2005                    United Sweethearts Garment S/B

15-16 January 2005                    Bin Bin Knitwear Manufacturer S/B     

22-23 January 2005                     MKMA Seminar Hall




A total of 564 participants from 16 companies attended the course  organized by MKMA.

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