Foreign Workers i-Kad Application

Date: 26  May 2008

Foreign workers in Malaysia, numbering nearly two million, come from 12 countries.

The ministry of Home Affairs had started issuing the new identity card for foreign workers, called the I-Kad, which they would have to carry with them at all times. With the I-Kad, they need not carry their passports with them anymore.

The I-Kad contained 17 security features. The colours of the I-Kad would differ for each sector the workers are employed in. In addition, all new workers entering the country would be issued the I-Kad.

On 26 May 2008, immigration officers from Johor Bahru were invited to provide the I-Kad application service at MKMA office at Batu Pahat. We received overwhelming response from 74 companies to apply I-Kad for 587 foreign workers.







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