Briefing on

Automation Capital Allowance for Textiles and Apparel Industry

Date: 18 June 2016 (Saturday)

Venue: MKMA Seminar Hall

44 participants from 21 companies attended this  Briefing

Capital Allowance for Automation 

The Capital Allowance for Automation under Budget 2015 provides high labour intensive industries including the textile industry capital allowance of 200% on the first RM4 million qualifying expenditure incurred from years of assessment 2015-2017.


      The Scope of Automation Capital Allowance for Textile and Apparel Industries

      Application Process ( MIDA & SIRIM ) & documentations

      Compliance Requirements, Do and Don't

      Q & A Session

Speaker : Dr Wan Abdul Rahman 

Dr Wan Abdul Rahman is the Senior Director of  SIRIM Berhad and has been with SIRIM for 34 years. Currently Dr Wan leads two national projects Technology Audit and Verification of Machines/Equipment for Automation Capital Allowance.

Puan Rozita Ibrahim

Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy Division Malaysian  Investment Development Authority (MIDA)


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