Opening Speech by Mr. Tang Chong Chin  
MKMA Vice Hon. Secretary


Briefing on "The Future and Risk Management of the Malaysian Textile Industry" on 13th August 2007 at Equatorial Hotel

Enchancing Competitiveness Of TC Industry Through K-Management  On 30th October 2004 at Times Square Hotel  
Exchange of Souvenirs  Guest Of Honours & Speakers
Opening Speech by Mr. Tan Soo Seng, 
MKMA Hon. President
Speech by Principal of Nanya Institute of Technology
Mr. Cheng Chi Chen

11/03/04 Groz-Beckert
Seminar for Knitters
12/05/04 Workshop on Textile Preparation And Pretreatment Technology 20/10/04 Workshop on Competitive Advantage Leading To Business Success In Malaysia Textile And Apparel Industry
 01/01 Flat Knit Seminar 

8/02  High-Tech Textile  Technology Seminar   

10/80 Technical Seminar  for Knitters
10/01   Seminar on China Textile Industry 6/02 Extension of Foreign Workers' Permit Seminar  Souvenir to the speaker,  Mr. Roslan of  MLVK 3/02 Sewing Needle Seminar. Souvenir to Mr. Vonholt  

April - July 1995 Dyeing Course

12/95 Knitting Fundamental Course

28/2/93  Interactive Meeting on Sewing Skills

11/90 Horst Seminar

95  Post-ITMA Seminar



Hua Lian, Taiping
Kuittho, Johor UTHM, Johor