Malaysian / ASEAN FTA Developments


ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)
  To establish ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2020 as a  single market  with free
      flow  of goods, capital, skill labours etc. 

     China-ACFTA Reduction Schedule (2018)
      Rules of Origin for ACFTA
     Procedure to Apply for Tariff Preference

 ASEAN-India FTA  Enter into force on 1/1/2010
     India's Tariff Schedule

  ASEAN-Korea FTA (AKFTA)  Effective on 1/6/2007
  Rules of Origin
 Korea's Tariff Schedule

 CEPT Rules of Origin for Textile Products

  Rules of Origin at a Glance


Malaysia-Turkey FTA   Effective on 1/8/2015  
      Turkey's Tariff Schedule 
       FT: Immediate Elimination   NT: Gradual & Eliminate on 3rd yr
       ST: Gradual & Eliminate on 5th year
       HST: Gradual reduce on 8th year

       Working Process Required ( For Textile and Apparel Items)
Rules of Origin

 Malaysia-Australia FTA   Effective on 1/1/2013

 Malaysia-Chile Free Trade Agreement (MCFTA)
 Enter into force on 25/2/2012
* Chile's Tariff Schedule

  Malaysia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement 
Effective on 1/7/2011
How to Apply Certificates of Origin ? 
  India's Tariff Schedule

Malaysia-New Zealand FTA    Effective on 1/8/2010  
     NZ's Tariff Schedule 
     Product Specific Rules

Malaysia-Pakistan Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (MPCEPA)
      Effective on 1/1/2008       


Malaysia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (MJEPA)
Effective on 13/7/2006
News For Malaysian Exporters to Japan
Rules of Origin (Pg 22 onwards for textile products)
     Japan Tariff Schedule

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