B’desh apparel exporters keen to use Colombo Port

In today’s age of fast fashion, lead time emerging as a pivotal issue for garment exporters and makers in Bangladesh is no surprise. Reeling under prolonged lead times and consequent business loss, garment exporters in Bangladesh are reportedly keen to use Sri Lanka’s Colombo Port to save time and money.

It may be mentioned here that in absence of a deep sea port in Bangladesh, local exporters cannot send goods directly to Europe and the US and instead depend on Singapore, from where the goods are taken to their final destinations.

Port of Singapore is running past its capacity, so goods are stuck there for long. If the goods bound for Europe can be shipped via Sri Lanka instead of Singapore, exporters will be able to cut the lead time by 15 to 20 days. The cost of shipping would halve too.

The Colombo Port is reportedly running at only 30 per cent of its capacity, which is good news for the apparel exporters from Bangladesh.






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