From the US to Pakistan, here are Top 10 takers of Indian textiles


Contributing 17% of India’s total textile export, the US is number one importer for the Indian textile products. The EU ranks second by sharing 15% of the total exports. Global textile and apparel hubs like Bangladesh and China are also in top 5 list, but interestingly, India’s 38 per cent export of textile items are to ‘rest of the world’ which is not majorly known for their textile or apparel market. The US, the EU and Bangladesh jointly have a share of 42 per cent in India’s total textile export.

As per the official data, India’s total textile export (excluding RMG) for the 2017-18 was US $ 22. 516 billion. Countries like Sri Lanka, Brazil, and South Korea are also in the top 10 textile importer from India.

It is pertinent to mention here that India’s textile products face an average tariff of 5.9 and 6.2 per cent from the US and the EU respectively. While Bangladesh and Pakistan have nil tariff on export to the EU. When it comes to the US, Bangladesh has to pay 3.9 per cent and Pakistan pays 5.3 per cent tariff.

Here’s a list of Top 10 export destination for textiles made in India


 Rank Market 2017-18 (Billion US $) % Share
1 US 3.881 17%
2 EU 3.318 15%
3 Bangladesh 2.268 10%
4 China 1.281 6%
5 Pakistan 0.687 3%
6 UAE 0.604 3%
7 Vietnam 0.554 2%
8 Sri Lanka 0.518 2%
9 Brazil 0.411 2%
10 South Korea 0.339 2%
11 Rest of World 8.655 38%
  Total 22.516  100%






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