India may impose anti-dumping duty on viscose spun yarn


The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) under India's ministry of commerce & industry has recommended imposition of anti-dumping duty on import of viscose spun yarn. In its investigation, the DGTR has found that the domestic industry has suffered material injury caused by dumped imports of viscose spun yarn from China Indonesia and Vietnam.


"The product under consideration is viscose spun yarn containing 85 per cent or more by weight of artificial viscose staple fibre, other than sewing thread, not put up for retail sale," the DGTR said in its final findings.

Viscose spun yarn under tariff headings 55101110, 55101210, 55101190, 55101290, 55109010, and 55109090 originating in or exported from China, Indonesia and Vietnam will attract duty ranging from $0.25 per kg to $0.80 per kg for five years from the date of Notification to be issued by the Central Government, the DGTR said in its final findings.

Reacting to the development, Palladam Textile Association & Erode Viscose Fabrics Manufacturers Association spokesperson, said, "In recent months the demand for viscose fabric has seen sharp increase due to growing usage in womenswear like kurtis. The production of viscose-cotton blended yarn is currently limited to a few spinning mills in and around Erode. These spinning mills are able to meet only 50 per cent of the domestic demand, which has resulted in rise in imports.

"Viscose spun yarn prices which were around ₹145 per kg, have today increased to ₹220 per kg due to the announcement made by the government. Now it is not the right time to impose anti-dumping duty on viscose spun yarn."

In a representation to the Central government, the associations have said that the imposition of duty will lead to closure of over six lakh units resulting in job loss to over 15 lakh workers.




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