Garment workers call for strict labour laws in Pakistan

Unless strict labour laws are implemented, industrial growth in Pakistan, particularly of garment and textile sector, is not possible.
This was vehemently stated by the speakers of Textile Garment General Workers Union (Korangi) and National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) at a protest rally held on 27 January 2019. The rally was held against the illegal sacking of garment workers and open violation of labour laws.
The speakers condemned the Government for completely overlooking the labour class in the recently released mini-budget and urged them to implement strict labour laws.

Nasir Mansoor, Deputy General Secretary, NUTF said international garment brands had promised Global Framework Agreement for better wages for labour and also it was agreed that workers can form trade unions.

However, he added, currently international garment brands have been not only making labour work for 10 hours but also forcing them to work on holidays. Besides, there have been no efforts to improve on the health of the workers or gender equality.

“Sadly, over 65 per cent workers do not even have appointment letters and can be sacked anytime,” averred Abdul Basit, General Secretary, Textile and Garment General Workers Union.
The associations have strongly urged the Government to abolish contract-labour system and also make laws that allow the worker to not work more than 8 hours a day and get a mandatory weekly off.
They also urged the international brands to respect and implement labour laws in Pakistan.

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