Olympic Uniforms made of 'smart' textiles

The Olympic Games are underway and athletes are suiting up to get ready for competition. An athlete's uniform serves a purpose greater than signifying what country they represent.

According to UW Madison Assistant Professor of Textile and Apparel Design, many athlete's uniforms are 'smart' textiles- meaning the uniform is actually a piece of technology that can aid the athlete in competition.

Nearly every sport uses some kind of e-textile to aid in athletic performance, whether that be in training, performing, or recovering.

"Muscle-healing textiles are textiles that can help your muscles sort of recover faster. In a way, that's about performance, but it is about healing quicker post-performance so you're ready for that next work out. That it is not about the moment of the action or the sport, but how can we recover faster and a lot of textiles focus on whether its heat and vibration. Subtle vibrations that can go into your skin and sort of massage your muscles. So, I think there is a lot on the forefront of recovery. Compression, vibration, heat...a lot of sensory responsive textiles," Fairbanks said.




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