Turkey sees orders shifting from China owing to Coronavirus impact


Turkish apparel firms may soon get bulk of orders from China!

Coronavirus scare is now forcing many fashion retailers making apparels in China eye Turkish apparel companies.

LPP, Poland-based fashion retailer, has reportedly said that it is in talks with Turkish apparel firms in addition to firms in Vietnam and Bangladesh to combat the Coronavirus threat that is causing production delays in China.

More on this, Hadi Karasu, Head, Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association, averred “Purchasing managers and designers can’t go to China due to Coronavirus scare and travel restrictions. Therefore, many well-known brands have started discussions for the production of new seasonal items in Turkey.”

Hadi added that surge in manufacturing costs in China and 36 per cent fall in Turkish currency in last 2 years had already made Turkey an affordable destination and now the outbreak of the virus in China has forced many to look at Turkey again.

He further said that according to calculations, around 1 per cent orders will now shift from China to Turkey, which could amount to US $ 2 billion.





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