Seidensticker Group opens second production plant in Vietnam


The Seidensticker Group, known for manufacturing quality shirts, opened its second production plant in the port city of Haiphong in Vietnam.

The objective behind the opening of the new plant is to meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainably manufactured products.

As a part of its verticalisation strategy, the new plant follows the launch of its first company-owned production plant in Chi Linh near Hanoi in 2007 and the one in Indonesia in 2014. Both the plants in Vietnam cover a total area of 22,500 square metres and have a total workforce of 1,500 people. The plant in Indonesia employs 350people.

While the Chi Linh plant has been consistently producing shirts and blouses for over a decade, the new plant will majorly make dresses for its private label business.

Further on the above, Gerd Oliver Seidensticker, Co-Managing Partner, Seidensticker Group, said that along with the Seidensticker brand, the private label section too is growing fast as a part of the group of companies. He added “The group will be concentrating on its core sections, thus establishing a future-orientated setting. Therefore, this new production plant is an essential and necessary step.”



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