Thailand, Vietnam among biggest winners in brassieres exports to USA in Q1 ’20


In an unforeseen performance, Thailand grew by 53.58 per cent in its brassieres exports to USA in Jan.-Mar. 2020 period. The country shipped US $ 35.12 million brassieres in Q1 ’20 as against US $ 22.87 million worth of brassieres to USA in Q1 ’19.

Volume-wise too, Thailand increased by 53.76 per cent to ship 529,419 dozen of brassieres to the US market.

The percentage-wise growth of Thailand has outpaced the performance of all other Asian apparel manufacturing countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia, China, Sri Lanka and India.

Vietnam noted double-digit growth of 19.92 per cent in its exports of brassieres to USA in the review period which valued at US $ 87.24 million, benefitting from the fall of China (down 40.78 per cent) which shipped brassieres to USA worth US $ 144.61 million.

On the other hand, Vietnam’s growth in volume terms (up 6.75 per cent) is not that significant as the growth of Thailand.

Bangladesh somehow managed to see marginal growth of 4.13 per cent and exported US $ 36 million worth of brassieres to USA in Q1 ’20. However, volumes fell drastically by 15.20 per cent to stand at 1.31 million dozen which says the shipment of basic bras from the country is reducing.

Indonesia (US $ 47.24 million) and Sri Lanka (US $ 66.32 million) too dwindled by 9.52 per cent and 4.69 per cent, respectively, in value terms in brassieres exports to USA, while fall recorded in volume terms was 26.71 per cent and 24.21 per cent, respectively, on the yearly note.

India’s values tumbled enormously by 40.81 per cent in its export of brassieres to USA and shipment valued at merely US $ 12.51 million in Q1 ’20 as compared to US $ 21.14 million in Q1 ’19.

The overall brassieres import of USA in Jan.-Mar. 20 period valued at US $ 515.23 million, noting a fall of 16.97 per cent, while shipment in volume terms reduced by 26.11 per cent.




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