Romanian garment workers paid below legal minimum wage, alleges CCC


There have been lot of talks on how underpaid garment workers in Asian countries are and how often they have to undergo various workers’ rights violations. But what about their counterparts in the developed nations of Europe…

As per a recent report of Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC), garment workers in Romania are frequently denied acceptable working conditions and paid below the legal minimum wage, which if equated, comes to as little as 14 per cent of a ‘living wage’.

“Garment brands often pride themselves on bringing employment to countries in dire need of it and offering women, especially, a way out of poverty. Our research shows that sewing for factories that produce for Western European fashion brands in Romania does not lift workers out of poverty and, they are forced to survive by taking debts and separating families,” underlined co-author of the report Bettina Musiolek.

In the report, CCC draws attention to the fact that this practice needs to be remedied by EU legislation.

“None of the brands buying clothes from Romania have engaged with labour and human rights violations in Romania in any effective way. It is high time for the EU to introduce binding Human Rights rules along supply chains and to address the wide divergence within the continent…,” explained Bettina.

Names like Armani, Asos, C&A, Esprit, H&M, Hugo Boss, Levi Strauss, Next, Marks & Spencer, Primark and Zara, are amongst some prominent ones that reportedly source from this region.



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