Top fashion brands still not keeping promise of fair wages, say British researchers


Several activists voiced their concern on Thursday about the failure of major fashion brands to live up to the promise they made to provide fair living wage for garment workers.

Elucidating on the same, the researchers from UK’s Sheffield University said that many garment firms do not even have plans for calculating living wages in their global supply chains. They said what makes this more worrying is that most of these companies have signed commitments to provide better pay to workers.

The Clean Clothes Campaign says in its report that a fair living wage should help the workers cover the expenses from food and housing rent to medical care in addition to allowing modest savings.

The Sheffield University researchers highlighted in their report that except H&M, C&A and G-Star RAW, none of the top fashion brands have committed to providing the defined fair living wage.

The report also said that even the efforts put in by the aforementioned brands have not so far yielded any higher earnings for workers, especially those working in remote factories.

“There is very less evidence that every corporate commitment to living wages is translating into meaningful changes,” substantiated Genevieve LeBaron, Politics Professor, Sheffield University.

The researchers expressed shock and said that there was still lot of confusion and inconsistency among firms over the definition of living wage.





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