H&M’s commitment to sustainability continues; partners with Maersk


H&M, which has been striving to become a sustainable fashion brand since more than a year now (as stated in its brand strategy and sustainability report of 2017),  has announced its collaboration with Maersk, a Danish transport giant, to advocate its new carbon neutral ocean product, the first of a kind in the industry.

The biofuel blend consists of wasted cooking oil which has been tested and endorsed in a trial driven in collaboration with the Dutch Sustainability Growth Coalition (DSGC), and Shell. It has been certified as a sustainable fuel by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) body and is showing positive results of reducing emissions caused by ocean shipping.

The Swedish fast fashion giant, addressing its transportation strategy, is trying to become Climate Positive’ by the year 2040.

“Our high ambition to become climate positive by 2040 requires cooperation and engagement from all parties in the supply chain,” stated Helena Helmersson, COO of H&M Group.

She further added that “We want to use our size to be a force for good and enable scaling innovative solutions, such as the carbon neutral ocean product, for a greener commercial transport.”

The H&M group, being the first customer of this pilot project, is exploring its greenest transport options to reduce emissions released by the various transport methods it uses.

‘Pathways Coalition’ is another partnership between H&M and the corporations Scania, E.ON and Siemens through which the organisations aim to attain a fossil-free commercial transportation system by the year 2050.




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