YKK launches zippers made from plant-based plastics

YKK, a leading name among zipper manufacturers, has launched the all new sustainable products with the aim of reducing carbon emission, toxic chemical and water usage.

The products included in its latest collection are made using the remains of polyester and other fibres and PET bottles. The company claims that making of 10,000 Natulon zippers recycles about 3,600 plastic bottles (29g/bottles). All these recycled zippers meet Bluesign certification standards.

The range also includes GreenRise zippers that are developed using the polyester derived from plant-based plastics, made from molasses, the by-product generated in the sugar production process.

This helps eliminating the use of polyesters that are derived from convention fossil fuel, ultimately reducing the consumption of fossil fuel and emission of CO2 in the product life cycle.

Furthermore, the range also consists of different snaps and buttons manufactured using the environment-friendly process, thereby reducing the thermal energy, water usage, toxic chemical and waste.




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