Mango invests in centralised automation centre


Mango, the Spanish fashion retailer, has installed an automated distribution centre for both the offline and online operations.

The technology assists the retailer in centralised management of the entire product range enhancing the global supply chain. The solution aims in optimising the delivery time and reducing logistic costs.

The retailer has presence in 110 countries and employees around 15,000 staff. It has almost 2,200 stores and offers various ranges of garments, footwear, bags and accessories to customer online.

Designed and built by Austria’s TGW Logistic Group, the process involves receipt of cartons in containers or on pallets at the inbound zone. These are then moved into the storage and order preparation zone which has capacity of around 850,000 cartons and 44 aisles.

The received orders are packed in cartons for flat garments and accessories in the picking zone, which contains eight toting stations and a Stingray shuttle system. This shuttle system has 14 aisles with 13 levels each that supply mono-reference cartons to TGW picking workstations.





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