19.3 per cent of younger consumers bought more clothing during lockdown!


Though apparel became the retail sector’s worst hit category right since the beginning of COVID-19 and more so during the lockdown period, GlobalData has revealed that 19.3 per cent of global shoppers aged between 16 and 44 have, in fact, bought more clothing since the start of the outbreak.

The figure looks all the more overwhelming considering that there were hardly any social events to attend during this phase.

On the other hand, a mere 7.4 per cent of consumers aged 45 and above indulged in buying fashion during the said period, GlobalData shared.

Pippa Stephens, Associate Retail Analyst, GlobalData, asserted that consumers from the 16-44 age group had always been involved in online shopping at a higher rate even before coronavirus hit the world.

He further opined that this category of shoppers indulged more in browsing fashion portals to keep themselves occupied during lockdown that demanded them to stay home.

“Online clothing purchases have also served as a treat, and helped to uplift younger consumers’ moods throughout the pandemic, especially for those that have continued working and have had more disposable income, due to cancelled holidays and social activities,” Pippa added.

This clearly comes across as a ray of hope for retailers, as now that there has been relaxation in the lockdown restrictions, they are likely to experience a surge in demand from the younger consumers.





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