Consumers spend around €50 per month on clothing

Consumers were found to spend an average of €153.79 on clothing over a three-month period in a new study which interviewed more than 1,000 people in each of Germany, Poland, Sweden, and United States.

The research found consumers purchase an average of 5.9 clothing items over the same period, 2.1 of which are t-shirts (costing an average of €29 euro for two) and 0.9 of which is a pair of jeans (average price, €33 euro). Respondents were found to purchase clothes around twice over the period, mostly in shops and online.

Mistra attempted to assess the popularity of alternative, more sustainable purchasing options among more than 4,500 interviewees. They found that the most widely used new business models across countries were reselling clothes online (via eBay for instance) and the use of traditional repair services.

"The most purchased clothing material, at 61.1 per cent, is new conventional fabric, followed by new organic at 17.8 per cent, second-hand clothing at 13.2 per cent, and recycled materials at only 7.8 per cent," says the report.

Noting the rise of fast fashion, the report notes that approximately 58.7 of clothing purchases were from budget brands, 33.5 per cent from casual/medium brands, and only 7.8 per cent from premium brands.

Concludes the research: "Among the most notable findings are the relatively low clothing consumption-rate by almost half the respondents and their strong preference for budget brand clothing. For the low clothing consumers ... shifting behaviour toward low cost acquisition alternatives is likely to be a more effective approach than trying to further reduce consumption, whereas both approaches—consuming differently and consuming less—are promising for the high volume and high spending consumers.




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