US RMG imports down by 30.68% YTD on a year earlier, THOUGH SAW THE BEST MONTHLY SURGE OF OVER 51% IN JULY 20 OVER JUNE 20


USA has fallen by 30.68 per cent in its apparel imports during January-July 20 period, according to the latest data released by OTEXA.

AS analysed by Apparel Resources, USA imported US $ 33.87 billion worth of garments in YTD till July 20, which is US $ 14.90 billion less than what is imported in the same period of 2019.

However, the import of apparels of USA has sharply increased by 51.13 per cent in July 20 over June 20. This is the highest monthly surge of USA in 2020, which can be attributed to the retail market recovery in the country.

USA imported US $ 6 billion worth of garments in July 20 as against US $ 3.97 billion in June 20. Despite surge in July 20, the import level is still far away from being normal if compared by July 19. The RMG import of the country was down by 32 per cent in July 20 on Y-o-Y basis.

All major Asian apparel manufacturing hubs noted M-o-M growth while fell on Y-o-Y.




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