UK Government to cover 2/3 of staff pay if retail stores have to shut down again


Over the past few weeks, cases have been spiking again in the UK and though the stores are still open, there’s a slump in the footfall. Understandably, there’s now a fear of stores getting closed anytime.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a furlough scheme wherein the Government has assured to cover 2/3 of staff pay if and when retail stores are forced to shut down again.

The expansion of the Jobs Support Scheme, reportedly, will not only save jobs but also give reassurance for people and businesses across the UK.

The retail industry, especially the fashion sector, has been the worst hit ever since the pandemic started.

If the retailers as well as some other businesses are forced to close again owing to the increasing cases, the Government will pay 2/3 of each employee’s salary up to a maximum of £2,100 every month.

The scheme says that retailers will be able to claim the grant if they are subject to restrictions and staff is off work for at least 7 successive days.

To be launched on 1 November, the scheme will run for 6 months. However, the Government has said that there will be a review in January 2021.

While stating this scheme was different to the previous furlough scheme, Rishi said this is an expansion of the Jobs Support Scheme and Government will adapt and evolve as the health situation in the country adapts and evolves.

According to Treasury sources, the expanded Jobs Support Scheme will cost hundreds of millions of pounds every month.

One just hopes the retailers do not have to face the brunt of the pandemic yet again and there is no further increase in cases.





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