FILOTEX Ltd. model of recycling ‘cutting waste’ is replicable globally

Due to the shifting of consumer behavior towards fast fashion, textile production and consumption has been increased considerably and leading to a higher amount of textile waste. Filotex Ltd is the pioneer in Bangladesh to produce recycled products from ‘cutting waste’ of garments industry.

Filotex Ltd., a sister concern of Mosharaf Group, is playing a pioneering role in solving the solid waste problem in Bangladesh textile and apparel industry. The company is producing luxurious recycled products to be used for home furnishing and upholstery since 2014 using sophisticated recycling technology from valuable ‘cutting waste’ of garments industry.

It is the first factory in Bangladesh working with ‘Circular Fashion’ and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) concept introduced by the global brands. They think out of the cage to expel the concept of solid waste and need of virgin raw materials.

Major global brands recently have committed to recycling back used garments into new recycled products to reduce the solid waste problem. Due to increasing consumer pressure for sustainable products ‘Circular Fashion’ is getting popular every day.

The global brands will be able to sell Filotex products under the criteria of ‘Circular Fashion’ by using the ‘Cutting Waste’ of those brands as the raw materials of those products. As most of the leading brands are producing their garments in Bangladesh, they will be able to send the ‘Cutting Waste’ from their vendor factories to Filotex to recycle them into fashionable sustainable products.





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