70% of KappAhl’s range is now made of more sustainable materials!

KappAhl, a leading fashion chain with 380 stores, has 70 per cent of its range of apparels now made of more sustainable materials.

While 5 years ago, it was just 19 per cent, the company’s target of making it 100 per cent by 2025 is within reach.

“The percentage of more sustainable materials in our range is increasing and each year sees us moving measurably closer to our goal of creating a circular business,” says KappAhl’s CEO Elisabeth Peregi.

Choosing more sustainable materials and processes helps bringing about improvements in the working conditions in the supplier chain, besides extending the life span of garments.

50 per cent of KappAhl’s viscose is made of Lenzing™ Ecovero™, a more sustainable alternative to normal viscose. Derived from wood cellulose from sustainably managed forests, in a process with a smaller environmental impact, it is environment friendly.

All essentials for women, children and men are made of organic cotton, grown entirely without the use of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

All cotton in KappAhl’s denim is sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), an organisation that works to promote more sustainable cotton cultivation (with better working conditions, less water, energy and chemicals).

Similarly, all denim is produced using an improved washing process that reduces water, energy and chemical consumption.

“Clear goals and guidelines, our sustainability scorecard, dedicated designers and good working relationships between purchasers and production are key factors in this process,” says Sandra Roos, Head of Sustainability at KappAhl.





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