Lululemon to sell Mirror devices across all its US stores; new features added


Back in June 2020, when Canadian athletic apparel retailer Lululemon had bought home fitness firm Mirror for US $ 500 million, it was the much-talked about acquisition.

The retailer has said it will now be selling Mirror devices across all its US stores – and it all will begin with 18 stores in the ongoing festive season.

There will be a range of new features too!

The users of the device can now turn on a built-in camera that will allow them to see and interact with other members. It’s all about giving users a feel of in-person workout.

Mirror will also let users to ‘Face Off’ against other members during workouts in addition to earning points for hitting and maintaining target heart rate zones.

Besides, the aforementioned community feature will also help users search and follow friends.

Lululemon has, meanwhile, said that in 2021 it plans to launch a ‘Sweat Dates’ feature for friends to conduct private workouts.

There couldn’t have been a better time than now for Lululemon to announce the sale of Mirror devices in its stores as the trend of exercises and workouts has been picking up amidst the growing pandemic.

Consumers can check out Mirror’s technology Lululemon stores in cities including New York, Washington and Chicago, amongst others.




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