Incentives To Boost Productivity 2015/2016

  Touchpoint 2017 Budget

  Comparison of Income Tax

  GAP Worldwide Suppliers List

  Pine Tree Hotel Corporate 2017

  Hotel DPMJ Corporate Rate 2016

  SOSCO Latest Contribution Schedule (Effective June 2016)

  Requirements For The Rehiring Programme For Illegal Workers

  World Bank Report on Malaysian Immigrant Labour (Dec 2015)

  BESTINET Presentation on FWCMS

  Relocation of MITI (Dec 2015)

Weekly News 37/17 (16/9/2017)  

  Pantone Predicts 12 Colors  for Spring
  US Apparel Import Categories H1 2012-17
  US absorbs 23.11 percent of Balinese textile products
  Vietnam's ministry proposes 6.5% hike in minimum wages
  Textile body advises Indian mills to curb production for 30-60 days
  Bangladesh Poised to Overtake China As Top Apparel Supplier to EU
  Life + Style
     Date: 17-19 Oct 2017   Venue: BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand

  MIDA Open Day    Date: 18 Sept 2017       Time: 2pm - 4pm

Weekly News 35 & 36/17 (8/9/2017)   

  Five Shipping Trends
  More funds to encourage automation
  Accessories Exhibitors at Intertextile
  Intertextile Shanghai to see over 4500 exhibitors
  One of the Largest Global Knitwear Suppliers Formed
  Taiwanese textile sector shows recovery signals in July
  SMART Myanmar trains garment units in chemical management
  MIDA Industry Talk: The IOTs Effect – Opportunities & Challenges
     Date: 18 September 2017 (Monday)  Venue: Perdana Hall, Level 10

Weekly News 34/17 (26/8/2017)    

  Malaysia Public Holidays 2018
  China launches cotton yarn futures
  India : 682 textile mills closed as on June
Danish Fibertex company to Invest in N Carolina 
  Cotton & Crude Oil Price Continue to Impact Textiles
  Ten More Technologies Which Could Change Our Lives
Clothing maker must pay $3.23 million for pirating software
  Ethiopia’s industrial parks appeal to global textile producers

Weekly News 33/17 (19/8/2017)    

  Ringgit Exchange Rate
  Tehran to Host Int’l Apparel Expo
  North Korean Textile Workers In China
  'Made in China' clothes could be from North Korea
US textile industry hails trade pact violations probe
AGOA Talks Conclude Without Concrete Outcomes
  India pips China to become top exporter of knitwear to US
Striving Towards Conducive Business Environment Through GRP
Date : 29/8/2017 (Tue)  Time : 8am – 12.30pm Venue: MITI, KL

Weekly News 32/17 (12/8/2017)   

  Trade with FTA Partners 2015 & 2016
Bangladesh : Apparel exports to US drop
In Style•Hong Kong in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on
     7 -8 November 2017

  US Apparel Imports Fell in June and First Half of 2017

  AGOA: U.S. says Africa must allow import of used clothing
Four types of allowances payable to retrenched employees under EIS
  13th Asia Pacific Roundtable On Sustainable Consumption And Production
    Date: 24-26 Oct 2017       Venue: MITC, Melaka

  Digital printing occupies special zone in Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

Weekly News 31/17 (5/8/2017)

  Chinese favor value for money apparel
  2017 Fashion Industry Benchmarking Study
  Supply Chain Conference for Southern Region
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Malaysia to sign FTAs with HK, Iran by year end
  Indonesia : Textile industry cuts production in first half of 2017

  New employment insurance scheme bars bosses from cutting pay
Four types of allowances payable to retrenched employees under EIS
Bangladesh's clothing export growth rate highest among top eight countries

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