Employment Insurance System

  FAQ on Industry 4.0

  The 2018 Budget Speech (27/10/2017)

  Incentives To Boost Productivity 2015/2016

  Comparison of Income Tax

  GAP Worldwide Suppliers List

  Requirements For The Rehiring Programme For Illegal Workers

  BESTINET Presentation on FWCMS

Weekly News 03/20 (18/1/2020)       

http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  New Minimum Wage Gazette
http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  Myanmar drafting national textile policy
http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  Trade of home linen increases by 35.79%
NCTO questions US govt approach to tariff reductions
China, US sign phase 1 trade deal; tariffs to stay for now
http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  Morocco adds tariffs on apparel from Turkey despite FTA
Lululemon appoints Nikki Neuburger as chief brand officer
WTO forms dispute panel over India's duty hike on US goods

Weekly News 02/20 (11/1/2020)    

http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  Malaysia's T & A Trade (Jan to Nov 2019)
http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  Global Textile Raw Material Price 03-01-2020
http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  India to review free trade agreements: minister
http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  Pakistan withdraws all duties, taxes on cotton import
http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  Global cotton prices forecast to fall in 2019-20, 2020-21
http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  China drops tariffs on Pakistani products as FTA-II starts
http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  Bangla RMG firms want 5% tolerance in yarn count at ports
http://www.mkma.org/arrow.gif  Global smart textile market to reach USD 5.55 billion by 2025


Weekly News 01/20 (4/1/2020)     

  Men buy more clothes online than women
  India may turn 4th-largest economy in 2026
  65% Chinese like traditional Han clothing: survey
Cambodia's exports continue strong growth: ministry
  Azerbaijan's area under cotton cultivation to rise in 2020
  Online comprises 1.6% of retail sales in India: World Bank

Weekly News 52/19 (28/12/2019)  

  EU to boost garment industry in Myanmar
  Myanmar plans to raise apparel exports to Turkey
  $50 bn export target not achievable by 2021: BGMEA
  Sustainability $51 bn in business scope in Bangladesh
  Cotton arrival at Pak ginneries down 21.09% as on Dec 15
  Fashion platform Zilingo buys IoT start-up nCinga for $15.5m

  U.S. Close to Making Trade Agreement After Year of Upheaval
  Retailers sell clothes at half price in huge pre-Christmas discounts


Weekly News 51/19 (21/12/2019)   

  Kula: Minimum wage list was a Cabinet decision
  WTO extends nil tariffs on digital trade for 6 months
  Advisory cell soon in India for anti-dumping duty on yarn
  New RM1,200 minimum wage applicable in 57 towns, cities
  Walmart empowers Indian MSMEs to access new markets
  YKK products to be integrated with Browzwear 3D solutions
  PRC garment industry reports lower revenue in 1st 10 mnths
  Intertextile Shanghai     Date:11-13 March 2020


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