Employment Insurance System

  FAQ on Industry 4.0

  The 2018 Budget Speech (27/10/2017)

  Incentives To Boost Productivity 2015/2016

  Touchpoint 2017 Budget

  Comparison of Income Tax

  GAP Worldwide Suppliers List

  Requirements For The Rehiring Programme For Illegal Workers

  BESTINET Presentation on FWCMS

Weekly News 15/18 (14/4/2018)      

  James Wang, Chairman, Pai Lung

  Malaysia Labour Market, January 2018
  Malaysia's Imports of Textiles & Apparel (2017)

  Demand for knitted goods to grow rapidly to 2020
  Malaysia as the Second Largest Exporter of Palm oil 
  Malaysia Textiles & Apparel Major Sourcing Countries

  China’s Apparel and Textile Export to USA Jump 22.2% in February Amid
     Tariff Threats

  Oeko-Tex Seminar
     Date: 25 Apri 2018   Time: 8.45am - 12noon  Venue: Katherina, BP

  CAEXPO Roadshow 2018  
     Date: 23 -25 Apr 2018  Time: 9 am-12 noon


Weekly News 14/18 (7/4/2018)      

  Malaysia's Imports of Textiles & Apparel (2017)

  UV 801, the certification for sun-protection textiles

  Malaysia Textiles & Apparel Major Sourcing Countries

  USTR Releases Proposed Tariff List on Chinese Products

  Malaysia Imports of Textiles & Apparel by Items (2014-2017)

  USA : Flat and circular knitting machinery on China export tariff list

  The full list of 128 US products targeted by China’s retaliatory tariffs

  SIRIM Seminar: Meeting Industry 4.0 Aspiration through  Partnership in
      Technology  Date: 26Apr 2018  Time: 8am - 4.15pm  Venue: SIRIM, Shah Alam

Weekly News 13/18 (31/3/2018)

  The World's 10 Happiest Countries 2018

  Nike remains the world’s top apparel brand
  Malaysia's Export of Textiles & Apparel 2017
  Malaysia Exports of Textiles & Apparel  to US
UV 801, the certification for sun-protection textiles
  EU Renews GSP+ Status for Pakistan for 2 Years
  Malaysia Textiles & Apparel Major Export Destinations

  U.S. tariffs vary a lot, but the highest duties is on imported clothing


Weekly News 12/18 (24/3/2018)       

  Malaysian Textiles & Apparel Export

  San Francisco Bans Sale of Fur Clothing
  Malaysia Total Textiles & Apparel Trading

  Malaysia Exports of Textiles & Apparel by Items
  Malaysia Exports of Textiles and Apparel by Year
  India's apparel exports decline 10.25% in February 2018

  U.S. Apparel Industry Opposes Likely Trump Tariffs on China
  China Interdye and China Textile Printing to Take Place on April in Shanghai


Weekly News 11/18 (17/3/2018)    

  More Than 5,000 Facilities Are Now GOTS Certified

  Price of Women’s Clothing in the U.S. Keeps Surging
  Vietnam Cotton and Products Annual Commodity Report

  Indonesia: 100 Lawyers to sue textile company over environmental pollution
  Exhibit at Intex South Asia
  Intex South Asia  Date: 14-16/11/2018
  Yiwu Tex 2018    Date: 17-19 May 2018
  China International Import Expo 
     Date: 26/3/2018  Time: 9.30am-12pm  Venue: Menara MATRADE


Weekly News 10/18 (10/3/2018)

  Malaysian Ringgit Exchange Rate

  USA Apparel and Textile Imports Rise in January
  California State proposes mandatory polyester warning
  Malaysia as The Largest Exporter of Looped Pile Fabrics
Walmart, Nike Suppliers Put on Notice by China Tariff Threat
  Yiwu Tex 2018    Date: 17-19 May 2018
  MATRADE Seminar: Upgrading your Products for Global Market
     Date: 14 Mar 2018    Time: 8.30am to 1pm  Venue: Menara MATRADE   


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