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Weekly News 08/18 (24/2/2018)                                                             And More.... Malaysia Import Tariff (Textile & Apparel Items only)

  Malaysia GDP Composition
  Record high for Sri Lanka apparel exports

  US Apparel Imports by Countries of Origin
  Vietnam : Textile exports to China growing
  Guidelines Market Development Grant 2018
  The 13th Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing
     Expo     Date: 26-28/3/2018

  MATRADE Seminar: Passage to International Business
     Date: 26/2/2018  Time: 11am - 12.30pm  Venue: MITI

  MATRADE Seminar: Trade & Investment Opportunities
     in Tunisia 
     Date: 1/3/2018   Time: 9am - 1pm   Venue: Menara MATRADE


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 Import duty from China under ASEAN-China FTA
     Malaysia's Sensitive List under ACFTA
 Import duty from Pakistan under MPCEPA
 Import duty from Japan under MJEPA 
 Import duty from Korea under AKFTA  
 Import duty from Australia under Malaysia-Australia FTA
 Import duty from India under MICECA
 Import duty from New Zealand under MNZFTA
 Import duty from CHILE under MCFTA   Rules of Origin (Pg 43-49)
 Import duty from TURKEY under MTFTA
 Rate of Import / Export / CEPT duties      
 Abolishment of Import Duty on Apparel Products
     under Budget 2011    
(163KB  pages 16-31)  Effective 15 Oct 2010

Textile and Apparel Exhibition Calendar

Featured Exhibitions

Malaysian News

  Company Act 2016  effective 31/1/2017

Goods and Services Tax  Act 2014 

    * General Guide
   * Guide on Manufacturing
   * Guide on ATS
   * Guide on FIZ & LMW
   * Guide on ATMS
   * Local Sales by LMW / FIZ
   * GST Frequently Asked Issues
   *  GST Relief (Amended) Order 2015      
effective on 30/3/2015

  Implementation of IMP 3: Textile and

 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020)


  New Incentives under the 2015 Budget (6/4/2015)

   Minimum Wages Order 2016 (6/5/2016)     
     * Directives on deductions of FW's wages
       -  Deduction for Levy
       -  Deductions for Accommodation Cost   

  SOSCO Latest Contribution Schedule
     (Effective June 2016)

  Employment Insurance System (EIS)
     Contribution Schedule

     (Effective 1 Jan 2018)

   Employment Act
    * Employment (Amended) Act 2012  
Effective on 1/4/2012

         (Page 14) Amendment of Section 69B   
       substituting "one thousand five hundred" with 
       "two  thousand".

         (Page 12) Amendment of Section 60D   

       substituting "ten" with "eleven".

       substituting "four" with "five"

  Employment (Part-Time Employees)
     Regulations 2010

   Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluent)
      Regulation 2009

  2018 Malaysia Public Holidays  

Index to Malaysian / ASEAN FTA Developments

Grants & Incentives  

    New Definition for SMEs (Effective  1/1/2014)

    Small Debt Resolution Scheme   (Oct 2015)

    Fund For Small and Medium Industries 2 (FSMI2)
       (Oct 2015)

    RM5b Trade Financing with myTrade2Cash

    Kojadi SME Loan Scheme (KSME) for Chinese SMEs

Manage by MATRADE
bulletGuidelines for Market Development Grants
          (MDG) 2015

Soft Loans (Manage by MIDF)
       MIDF Government Financial Assistance
bulletSoft Loan
for SMEs
Soft Loan for Factory Relocation
Soft Loan for ICT
Soft Loan For Automation and Modernisatio

Job Matching

    Free Job Matching Service

      Job Application Form  



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