Groz-Beckert East Asia LLP

Address : 159, Kampong Ampat,
#05-03A/04, KA Place,
Singapore 368328.
Contact Person : Mr. Kim Ming (Sales Manager)
Tel : +65-6858 2112
Fax : +65-6858 2002
Email :
Products Description : i.  Knitting machine part/system components/cylinders
    and dials for circular knitting machines.
ii. Sewing machine and carpet machine parts (sewing
    machine needles, shoe machine needles, gauge parts
iii. Felting and structuring needles, jet-strips for
    hydroentanglement, card clothing, needle master.
iv. Weaving machine parts (head, heald shafts, warp     
     stoppers and drop wires)
Brand Names : Groz-Beckert, Akra, Grob
Parent Company : Groz-Beckert KG
Awards/Achievement : ISO 9001
BS OHSAS 18001
DIN EN ISO 14001

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Last update on 23/11/2009