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USA Quota Integration

v Nepal Urges US for Quota Free Access to Garment

v Canada - Did Not Remove Enough Quotas, Exporting Countries Accuse

v Pakistan: Quota Restrictions Could Be Lifted On Textile Exports

v US Apparel Imports No More Rise

v US: Trade Association Calls For Withdrawal Of GSP Duty-Free

v China: Textile Firms Lament Over High Cotton Price, Await WTO

v Philippines: Garment Exports Flat in First Five Months

v Myanmar: Garment Industry Appeals Against US Ban

v Caribbean: CBI Act Boosts Textile And Apparel Trade

v Mexico: Textile Industry Suffers as US Economy Slows Down

v Iran: Government Grants Textile Exporters $230m

v PCCS - At The Cutting Edge of Quality in the Apparel Industry for 28 Years

v Sweat Free Clothes

v Clothes with Healing Power

MBA Online

Trade Opportunities

v Used Machinery for Sale

v News Corridor: Be prepared for liberalisation, Rafidah tells industry

v Spinning & Weaving Labour Cost Comparisons 2000

v Statistics on Taiwan's Textiles Exported  to Malaysia, 1995 ~2000

v Leading Importers of Clothing 1999

v US Textile & Clothing Imports (1999 & 2000)

v Textile Exhibition

v Welcome New Members

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