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v Editor's Note

Breakthrough or Breakdown?
   - An Analysis of Malaysian Apparel Performance from USA Import Statistics

v Special Feature: Textile City of Malaysia

v Malaysian Textile & Apparel Industry Facing Severe Competition

v Develop High-End Product

Rights & Benefits Covered by SOCSO

v Japan Imposed Dumping Duties on Taiwan, South Korea

v USA Third Phase Quota Liberalization

v Textile Export By Country

Chinese Textile And Apparel Hit Industry

v Vietnam Garment Firms Face Labour Shortage 

v Indian Cotton Prices Flare Up

v Portugal Textile/Clothing Industry Loses 12,000 Jobs

Trade Opportunity

Textile Trade: Opportunity To Enter The Danish Market

TAR Kolej Apparel Manufacturing Department

v Textile Retraining Programme

v Over-Supply of Cotton

v Malaysian Textile Industry Labour Shortage

Free Occupational Safety & Health Training Programs

v Argument on Textiles

v Visa Unit Of China Embassy in Malaysia Shifted

Malaysian Exports of Textile and Apparel (January - June 2002)

Vietnam Textile & Apparel Exports to USA by Item

v Textile Exhibition

v MKMA News: Annual Report

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