Technology Acquisition Fund


P                 Technology proposed for acquisition must be on the approved list of high technology as outlined in the Promotion of Investment Act (PIA) 1986 and other strategic technologies as approved by the Government;

P                 Company is locally incorporated and has at least 51% Malaysian equity/ownership;

P                 Company must produce evidence of the signed technology agreement, where applicable; and

P                 A consortium of firms can also apply

Activities Eligible For Funding

P       Purchase of High-Tech Equipment and Machinery

        List of Promoted Activities and Products for High Technology Companies under the Promotion of Investment Act 1986;

        Mould and Die, Multimedia and other Strategic Industries as approved by Government

        Provides a partial grant of up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost of machinery/equipment to be purchased.

       P       Technology Licensing

        Approved for procurement of technology as outlined in the PIA 1986 and other strategic industries and technical assistant through technology licensing.

        Provides a partial grant of up to a maximum 70% of the cost involved in the payment of licensing fees.

       P       Acquisition of Patent Right, Prototypes and Design

        Approved for procurement of patent/manufacturing right and registered design, and prototypes and its related technology transfer to facilitate the physical development of new products

        Provides a partial grant of up to a maximum of 70% of the total cost involved in the acquisition of patent rights, prototypes and design.

        P       Placement of Malaysian in Foreign Technology Based Companies and Foreign Technology Institute

        Approved for job Attachment/On-the-Job Training

        The fund provides a partial grant up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost or RM30,000 whichever is lower for each person, subject to a maximum of 3 persons per project and the duration not exceeding 3 month. Funding includes the cost of air travel, accommodation and daily allowance.

        Funding is not provided training in affiliated or subsidiary companies overseas. 

P       Expert Sourcing Programme

        Sourcing for foreign experts to advise and assist in upgrading the technical competency of firms, in term of product and process improvement.

        The fund provides a partial grant of up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost RM30,000, whichever is lower. The grant will cover costs which includes payment of professionals fees, airfare and local accommodation. 


P       Applicants are advised to discuss the proposed project with MTDC prior to making a formal application.  

Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF)
Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC)
Malaysia Technology Centre
University Research Park
43400 Serdang
Tel: 03-8941 2000
Fax: 03-8941 1100
Attn: Mr. Abd. Halim Bisri


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