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v Strategy for Exploring China Market

Indonesia to Revive Textile Industry

Ambitious Thai Action Plan

v India Cuts Textile Duty Rates

v The Destiny of Malaysian SMIs

v The Value Approach by Textile Dye Products  

v Vietnam Eyes Philippines Unused Garment Quotas

v EU and Vietnam Trade Liberalisation 

v US-Vietnam No Textile Agreement Reached

v Build Up Company Core - Competitiveness 

SARS and War Bring Orders Back to Malaysia

No Reprisals Between Malaysia & USA

v US Retail Prices for Clothing Dropped in 2002

USA 2002 Textile Imports Reach Record High

USA Illegal Clothing Imports

Trade Opportunity - Looking for Suppliers

2003 Export Excellence Award

v Indonesia Plans Free Trade Pacts

v China Textile Industry Rocket in Q1

v China Top 10 Textile Cities / Counties

v Circular Knitting Machine Shipments

Malaysia Export / Import of Textile & Apparel by Commodity Group (1996 - 2002)

Exhibition Calendar 

v SARS Threatens U. S. Apparel Industry

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