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President Message: An Era of Small Margin and Low Profit

American Textile Action Plan

EU and Japan to Form Textile Alliance

Japan Five Approach To Boost Textile Exports

The Hallmark of Successful European Apparel Chains

Strategy for Sri Lankan Apparel Industry

v Special Feature: Procedures of Dyeing Technology

v Special Report on "Investment Destination"

v US Boost Cambodian Quota by 18%

Trademark Infringement 

Winners vs Losers

v Exodus of South Korean Textile Industry 

Trade Opportunity 

Exhibit @ MEEC - 6 months for only RM600

v Taiping Hua Lian High School Textile Course 2002 Graduates Employment Status

v Early Harvest Seen for Malaysia-Japan Free Trade

v Prolexus plans to invest in China Garment Factory

v Competitiveness of Chinese Clothing

v Reduction on Chinese Import Duty

World Leading Exporters of Clothing 2001

World Leading Exporters of Textiles 2001

v March 2003 Events Calendar

v New Approach To Textile, Fibre Market Forecasting

v Hing Yiap to Open 30 Bumcity Stores in Next Three Years

v Seasons Greetings

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