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v Malaysian Textile Industry Future                                       

v Pakistan Textile Expectations                                  

v Textile and Clothing : What Happens After 2005           

v US Children Wear Market Continues to Grow           

v    New Zealand to Lower Textile Tariff                         

v Vietnam and Philippine Quota Swap                         

v Textile Trade Performance                                               

v    Cambodia and Nepal on way to WTO

v    Textile Job Losses                                                         

v    Trade Opportunities                                                               

v    Non-woven Product Exports 25% Higher                         

v    Asian Textile Makers Facing Profit Fall                             

v Malaysian Textile Exports (Jan 2001-Jun 2003)     

v Malaysian Textile Imports (Jan 2001-Jun 2003)     

v Round Up of USA Clothing Retailers Sept. Sales

v    ShanghaiTex 

v    Textile Events (10-12/2003 )                                 

v    Member Bulletin     

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