Please choose one of the followings: 

v  EU Imposes Retaliatory Duties on US                           

v  Tougher US Customs Enforcement in 2004            

v  No Quota Carryforward                                                       

v  Calls for Quota Extension                                                    

            *       Chemistry and Technology of Textile Dyeing                     

*       Promising Clothing & Apparel Market in China                

*       2003 Textile & Apparel Export Performance                                            

*       Textile Cities                                                                           

v        TARC Intake for May, 2004                                                                         

*       Trade Opportunities                                                               

*       Malaysia Exports /Imports of Textiles and Apparels         

v  2001-2003 US Apparel Imports                                            

*       US-Malaysia Import/Export of Textile Items 1999-2003                     

v  Season Greetings                                                           

v  New Members                                             

*       2004 Events Calendar (April-June)                         

   v  Magic Market Place            

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