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 Remembering 9th September

v Predicted Changes in 2005 

v 20 Trends for 2010 Retailing     

v VAT at a Glance

v China Considers Export TAX on Textile and Apparel 

v Most Visa Requirements to Expire After 2004 

v Power Shortages in China caused Delays 

v Indian Textile Exporter Back Home As Quotas Go  

 Fabric Types and Structure      

v From Work Harder to Work Smarter       

v Factory Visits by Hua Lian Textile Students      

 Trade Opportunities 

 Fashion Industry Market in China      

v Textile Sector can Survive with end of Export Quotas     

 Malaysia Textile & Apparel Performance

 2004 Events Calendar (September -December)  

 Conference Notice

v Weekly News

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