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Happy 30th Anniversary, MKMA

v China Puts End to the 10-Year Dollar Peg

US Industry Files New Safeguard Petitions

EU : No More Chinese Knitwear Import this Year 

v EU and Chinese Statistics Reveal Rapid Fill Rates 

Implementation of the EU Textiles Memorandum of Understanding with China

v Thailand 'Fast Fashion' Plan - Four Strategies to Boost Competitiveness

v China vs India

v Trends in US Textile and Clothing Imports

v Japan: From Exporter to Importer of Clothing 

v The End of the Road for Mid-Market Retailers?

Textile Wet Processes and Practices - Objectives and Importance 

Bamboo: The 'Up-and-Coming' Fabric

v  Trade Opportunity

Peru Lifts Textile Safeguard

v US Knit Apparel Imports by Country (January - March 2005)

v US Imports of Knit Apparel (January - March 2005)

Textile & Apparel Events Calendar

v  Weekly News

MKMA 16th Executive Committees

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