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v 30 + 3 Years of Goodwill 

Post-MFA Scenario: Opportunities and Challenges

v Excerpts from CEO Roundtable Forum

US Limit Imports from China 

v Four Keys to Export

EU Safeguard Investigation on China Textile Imports

Revised Guidelines for MDG 2005

Byrd Amendment

Bangladesh Seeks Tariff-Free to Malaysia

The Sourcing Practice in Hong Kong

Non-Specialists Take the Lead in Apparel Retailing

Malaysian Free Trade Agreement Developments

v AFTA and RFT

v Nonwoven Textiles Provide New Opportunities

 Ecological Manufacturing Systems

v  Trade Opportunity

v Jordan Abolish Textile Import License

 US Imports of Knit Apparel by Country

 Malaysia's Exports of Textiles & Clothing by Countries of Destinations

 Textile & Apparel Events Calendar

v  Weekly News

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