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US Hopes to Conclude FTA with Malaysia by June 2007

China-ASEAN FTA - Most Textile and Apparel items will be duty free on 2010

Malaysia - Pakistan Signed Early Harvest Programme 

US Trade Act 2005

3,385 Firms Win Bid for China Textile Quotas to EU

US - China Textile Negotiations

U.S. Industry Files New Petitions to Limit Textile and Clothing Imports from China

v Chinese Textile Industry Seeks Way Out of Barriers

v EU Consumption of Knitwear

v Textiles Sector Must Look Beyond Low Prices

v Buyers to Cut Number of Vendors

41-Nation Textile Network

Strategies of the Textile Wet Process Industry for Ecological Production

Bangladesh Faces Shortage of Yarn Supply

v Malaysia Exports of Textile & Clothing (Jan - June 2005)

v US Import of Textiles (Garment, Yarn & Others) Statistics

Textile & Apparel Events Calendar

v MKMA New Members

v  Weekly News

v MKMA  30th Anniversary

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