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v Progressive New Year

  Eight Major Asian Textile Players Share Many Weakness

 Goods & Service Tax (GST)

 China-ASEAN FTA Benefits China's Textile Export

 The New EU Generalized Systems of Preference (GSP)

 China Cancelled Textile Export Tariffs

 China Companies Bid For Textile Export Quotas

 Performance Beyond MFA Regime  

v China Accelerates Pace on FTA Establishment

 Thailand Proves Successful in Building Larger Competitors

v Ban on Chinese Textiles Boosts Indian Export Growth

 China Exports Textiles to 224 Overseas Markets

 US Import From Malaysia through 11/2005

 Malaysia's Textile / Apparel Export Surged 16.6% in October

v Japanese Retail Sales & Import of Apparel Soar

 Textile And Apparel Events Calendar

v MKMA Directory 2006-2008

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v Seasons Greetings

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