China: December 2006 Cotton Fabric Exports Hit a New Record 

China's cotton fabric exports reached 599 million meters in December, which was a new monthly record and reflected 17.15 percent year-on-year growth.  China is the largest cotton fabric exporter in the world, and that role has expanded in 2006.   

Total 2006 exports reached 6.2381 billion meters, reflecting 14.62 percent year-on-year growth; however in comparison, 2006 cotton fabric exports declined 16.9 percent to 2.241 million square meters in Pakistan, the second largest exporter.  Despite much higher raw cotton costs than Pakistan weavers, China is taking market share in exports.

Cotton fabric imports in December were very weak at 146 million meters, which represented an 11.59 percent year-on-year decline.  Total 2006 cotton fabric imports reached 1.488 billion square meters, reflecting a 4.19 percent year-on-year decline. 

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