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v   Editor Note

v   The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement

   RM50 Levy Hike for Foreign Workers from Sept 1

   EU Repeals Certificate of Origin Requirement for Textiles and Apparel

   New Regulations for Employment of Workers from India

   Brazil: New Regulations to Prevent Illegal Textile Imports

v   US Seals FTA with South Korea

v   Pending US FTAs Filled with Different Apparel Elements

   Trade Settlement in Renminbi

v   Precautionary Measures to Increase Life of Knitting Needles

   EU Imports of Cotton Shirts in the First Half of 2011

   Top 10 Suppliers of Clothing and Textiles to EU

   Malaysian Exports of Textiles & Apparel to US (Selected Items only)

   Exhibition Calendar (November - December 2011)

v   MKMA News

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