Happy New Year of 2016

Denial is the unconscious determination that a certain reality is too terrible to contemplate
 J Richard S. Tedlow

Wishing everyone a happy new year may sound a bit paradoxical that we have so many challenges that cost of living is getting higher with GST , increasing material cost and decreasing value of Ringgit ahead of us in 2016! 

On 1.1.2016, many leaders must have made a lot of New Year resolutions if you are managing a company at the top of your industry. You may ponder if you are on the track of moving your company further from what you are doing now. Reading the message from many leaders in the country and companies, all have made positive statements despite the setbacks that people around are facing with daily increasing cost of goods and services but not their salary and wages.

Are our leaders in denial? Are leaders in state of “know-but-not knowing”? Are they the victim of what Peter Gay said, “A state of rational apprehension that does not result in appropriate results.” Are they just like Malaysia smokers a victim of the knowing-but not-knowing by keeping the smoking habit even knowing that it can cause problem to their health and others.

History has lessons to show that companies were badly affected by the leaders in denial when these leaders failed to take appropriate actions to rectify the issues that can affect the company goals and obstruct to move it forward. Leaders can be great talkers who are commonly liars. They have great vision but fail to benefit their employees except their cronies.

Looking back at the issues in Malaysia as mentioned by in my previous articles, I believe leaders must realize the denial which involves the ignoring of internal human issues and external factors that can devastate the growth of your companies. You can be a smart leader but the denial leadership can cost you a price to pay for the failure of your company.

Surprisingly many leaders do not face the reality that the situations have affected their company growth and employee morale. The success in the past have made them to make them believe their success will continue by ignoring the reality. 

~ Written By Mr Liaw Fenn Yenn on 1/1/2016, TARUC Branch Campus Head ~



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