Japan Revises Labelling Law

Japan has carried out a partial revision of the Enforcement Regulations of the Household Goods Quality Labeling Act and revisions to the quality labeling regulations of textile products, processed plastics and miscellaneous goods. 

The Act protects the interests of general consumers. 

According to the revision, washing care labeling for mufflers, scarves and shawls, and fibre composition of interlining for trouser are mandatory from April 1, 2017 while washing care labeling and fibre composition for hat, cap, etc are mandatory from April 1, 2018. 

There will be a one-year transition period for implementation. After the enforcement on April 1, 2017, items can be labeled either according to the requirements before or after the revision until April 1, 2018. 

Under the Household Products Quality Labeling Act, most apparel and textile products are required to be labeled with its fibre composition as well as instructions for care. 

All the labeling information must be permanently attached to the textile product, either printed directly on the product or on a sewn in label. The label must be visible, indelible and easily accessible to the consumer.


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