New Mexican Standard for Textile Labels

The new Mexican textile labels Standard NMX-A-3758-INNTEX-2014 has come into force on October 15, 2017. The new standard supersedes NMX-A-240-INNTEX-2009.

In Mexico, textile and garment labels must comply with the correct mandatory standards (NOMs) and/or voluntary standards (NMXs). If the relevant NOM specifies a NMX, this becomes mandatory.  

Generally, all apparel, apparel accessories, textile products and home textiles In Mexico with more than 50 per cent textile content must comply with mandatory labelling requirements. 

For apparel and apparel accessories, one or more permanent and legible label(s) must be attached at the collar, waist or any other visible location with the labelling information in Spanish. Additionally providing labelling information in other languages is also allowed.  

For closed packaging, all information must be permanently labelled on the product and with a temporary label on the packaging. 

Mexican labeling must show:

         Commercial brand name

         Fiber composition in accordance


         Care and preservation instructions must be indicated using brief and clear legends or symbols indicated in the NMX-A-3758-INNTEX-2014, or both. Symbols different from those stipulated in the aforementioned standard may be used, only if the legend relating to proper treatment and the care and preservation instructions also appears in Spanish

         Country of origin

         Name and address of the manufacturer / importer


Stakeholders are advised to ensure that products are complied with the new requirements for textile labelling in Mexico.

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