Vietnam has new Rules on formaldehyde and azo dyes

Vietnam has prepared new regulations on formaldehyde and azo dyes limits in textile products manufactured, imported, distributed and sold in the country. The regulations has come into effect on May 1, 2018. 

Textile products for children under three years old are allowed 30 mg/kg of formaldehyde. Textile products which come in direct skin contact can have up to 75 mg/kg of formaldehyde and textile products without direct skin contact are allowed up to 300 mg/kg formaldehyde. 

Content of each aromatic amine derived from azo colourants shall not exceed 30 mg/kg for all textile products.

The regulations also allow exemptions for certain textile products. These include unbleached or undyed fabrics and textile products, textile products in transit or stored in warehouses for assembling, textile products temporarily imported for re-export, foreign tourist belongings temporarily entering Vietnam and commercial samples with no market value or samples for scientific study. 

All textile products that are manufactured, imported, distributed and marketed in Vietnam are required to declare conformity with a CR mark at the point of sale and provide a conformity certificate either by self-declaration or by the appointed certifying organisation. 

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